Clear Conscience Pet, TenderStikz Chicken & Cheddar Sliders (6-pack)



Product Description

Sliders® “Holistic Pub” Dog Treats: Pub food fun, yet seriously healthy, snacking for your best buddy! All Sliders® are DELICIOUSLY and safely made in our USDA inspected U.S.A kitchens; your dog deserves the best and Sliders® are it! These are the first tender moist pet treats with NO glycerin or similar humectants, and NO other chemical preservatives, and NO grains, glutens, or other high carb fillers. Compare the ingredients in Sliders® to other moist treats; they just don’t compare. Sliders® are made in a USDA inspected plant with only USA raised beef or chicken and real dairy cheddar cheese. Add our own blend of Organic Flax for Omega 3 fatty acids and air dried SuperVeggies™ for phytonutirents and you have a holistically balanced meat snack that can’t be beat. Sliders® Tender recipes are so fresh and pure, we recommend refrigerating after opening for maximum freshness.

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