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6" Beef Collagen Sticks

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Why We Love Them:

Long-lasting and healthy chews that dogs love!!

Just like our bully sticks, our beef collagen sticks are sourced from grass-fed, free-range farms and they are very low odor (no bully or collagen stick is odor free). These are extra-thick, all-natural chews that are made from collagen, a protein found below the top layer of skin in both animals and humans. They are approximately 75% protein and last about 20% longer than bully sticks.

Collagen is one of the primary components of connective tissues and it can be broken down into easy-to-absorb amino acids called collagen peptides, making these highly digestible. These sticks are great for dogs who love to chew and collagen also offers functional health benefits, including chondroitin and glucosamine to support mobility, skin and coat health as well supporting healthy teeth and gums.

  • Tissue Support: Collagen helps with tissue repair to protect dogs from abrasions and micro-tears.

  • Joint Support: Collagen sticks, rich in chondroitin and glucosamine, help keep your dog's tendons flexible and robust while also strengthening the cartilage that cushions their bones.

  • Bone Support: Beef collagen sticks release collagen peptides and amino acids into the muscles and ligaments which ultimately improve strength and mobility. These protein sticks enhance dog bone density while helping produce new bone to heal injuries. 

  • Skin & Coat Support: Collagen helps your dog’s skin, which is comprised of nearly 75% collagen, stay hydrated and healthy, with a healthy coat as well.

  • Dental Support: Collagen sticks have a coarse texture and rolled profile that helps gently scrub away plaque and tartar on teeth and they help stimulate your dog’s gums while they chew. 

They're 100% digestible from premium grass-fed South American beef. Each is 6 inches long and a minimum of 5/8" thick



South America (grass-fed, free-range farms)