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Hi! We’re founders Bill and Dustin, corporate refugees and dog parents just like you.

We know that finding healthy, high quality goods for the unique needs of your dog can be challenging, but we're changing that.

By partnering directly with the best independent manufacturers, we cut out the middlemen (and costs, and inconvenience) to deliver you the paws-down best quality dog goods, custom tailored to your specific selections, all for far less than you’d spend at the store.

Our raving fans love the ease, the savings and the unmatched service we provide, and their dogs love the… oh who are we kidding? Their dogs love everything about us.

We’re also committed to supporting animals in need, and helping independent businesses thrive. We like to laugh at all the silly things dogs do (heck, it's part of the reason we love them) but we're also dedicated to purpose. Better business and better lives for shelter animals.

joy for shelter animals too

Through PupJoy’s Helping Paws© program, $2 of your PupJoy Box purchase is donated to the BISSELL Pet Foundation , helping over 3,000 rescue organizations reduce the number of animals in shelters through pet adoption, spay/neuter programs, microchipping, and foster care.


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Rawhide Dangers

Dogs can be… high maintenance. From food allergies to treating their toys like vicious enemies who must be destroyed, keeping your BFF on the up and up can get ruff.

Sourcing the highest quality products is no walk in the park, either. You really have to dig to find what you need at the big box stores, and it can take hours to sniff out the best options online.

That’s why, at PupJoy, every product is free of chemicals, additives, and other unhealthy junk. Because when you only let the good stuff in… well, you still get dog poop out. But at least it’ll be healthy dog poop.

Organic Dog Treats

Before PupJoy, we were spending way too much time (and money) hunting down decent products for our dogs. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

You can get anything delivered these days— a week of personalized dinners, a month’s supply of recommended wines, even a snazzy outfit from a stylist! We figured — why not customized stuff for the pups?

We offer 28 options to personalize your box , plus you can send them as gifts . You can skip, edit or cancel your subscription at any time (no questions asked), and tailor your order to what you really need.

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Pet Box Product Procurement



Charlie doesn’t mess around when it comes to finding the best PupJoy products. She’s a tireless worker. Just look at her!

Pet Box Human Resources



Roscoe runs a rigorous obedience school, where he shows us humans how to treat every customer like a best friend.

Pet Box Quality Assurance



Frankie doesn’t actually do anything but chase her tail, chew on toys, and look cute. (She’s nailing that last part, though.)

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